who we are

About Nityam

Our Motto :

Nityam Yoga Institute's main mission is to offer a place where transformation and growth occurs, where dreams are manifested into reality, and where true friendships develop into a supportive community of like-minded people.

Our Purpose :

We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where you are free to explore who you are at the core of your being. We want to offer you a space in a place where you have always dreamed of being, and to take time away from your life and connect with the dreams that rest in the deepest part of your heart waiting to be manifested into reality.  We want to facilitate a connection with the teachings of yoga, and encourage and challenge you to move closer to knowing who you really are.

What is Nityam Yoga all about :

Nityam means “daily practice”—a daily practice of yoga that leads to self-actualization or spiritual attainment.  We see yoga as a complete system.  We use Patanjali’s Eight-Fold Path (Ashtanga Yoga) as our guide in all that we teach and share for the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that are accessible through daily practice.  Our program approach incorporates many facets of yoga including asana (physical postures), meditation (stilling of the mind), pranayama (breathing practices), mantra (chanting of mantras) as well as the study of yoga philosophy and the ancient texts of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  We support the integration of yoga as lifestyle and offer our students the opportunity to live and study in community with one another and their teachers while engaging in daily sadhana practice.

The Format We Teach :

At Nityam, we teach two main sequences:  Hatha and Ashtanga Asana Flow and dynamic and transcendental breathing / meditations.
The asanas are based on the classic Sivananda tradition; postures are held for a space of time after warming the body with Sun Salutations.  By integrating breath and intention, each pose becomes a pose of meditation.  The breathing and meditation flow is based on basic, intermediate and advanced level of practise of an individual. Each pose is linked and connected with breath.  In this sequence we move with fluidity, buoyancy, strength, and vigor.

Within each sequence we teach the basic foundation of each posture and then offer modifications to make the pose either less or more challenging.  We teach postural alignment and safe assisting adjustments to allow the body to open and channel energetic lines more effectively.

Yoga is much more than just bending and twisting one’s body into a pose like a pretzel. Our programs are designed to foster transformation and growth within and around you.  At Nityam, everyone is wholeheartedly accepted and encouraged; you don’t have to stand on your head become part of our community. Nityam believes in the accessibility of yoga to every-body.  We work to create a welcoming, safe and encouraging space where you will be encouraged to show up with an open heart, ready to engage yourself fully into the present moment.

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