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Yogacharya Dr Nisha Ghorecha

Dr Nisha Ghorecha empowers people to love themselves and the lives they lead. Her open heart manages to bring balance and peace to any kind of practice. In her classes you can expect mindful concentration on awareness, breath, relaxation, and enjoyment of the senses.

Originally from the Mumbai, Dr Nisha started practicing yogasana over 15 years ago as a way to satisfy her curiosity towards the unrevealed truths of life. Although with fun filled childhood with activities like dance, Kung fu, karate , Judo , Taichi and many more physical challenging activities, She credits her teachers Yogendraji, Dr Jaydeva Yogendra , Smt Hansaji , Swami Sivananda , Swami Vishnudevananda, Swami Mahadevananda and & nbsp; Prahalad for inspiring her to lead a life as a yogini, taking her growth into her own hands.

After several varied but unfulfilled years in pharmaceutical world, life called her to learn the basic aspects of Ayurveda through Nature cure therapy. She evolved as a different person through her studies of N.D.Hc.Sc ( Doctor of Naturo Health Care Science ) followed by MD, AM ( Doctor of Medicine, Alternative Medicine )  in 2002, where she fell in love with the magic of natural healing techniques of Accupressure, Acupuncture, magnet therapy and herbal remedies.

Soon, in early 2003, she became an associate member of A.M.D.N.S.I. ( Doctor of Naturo Health Care Sciences Society of India). It became an icing on the cake for her to study the Food and Nutrition ( Tulip International ) to enhance the routine diet life style of her patients with the wide range of variations of food options given by her as per their natural body pattern.

Along with her Naturopathy and Diet therapy practice, she pursued her basic and advanced Yoga teachers training course from The Yoga Institute in 2006,which came out to be a turning point for her transformation.To render the propagation of Yoga, she fostered her knowledge by Yoga Siromani and Yogacharya ( Masters of Yoga ) course in The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerela.

On returning to her hometown Mumbai, Dr Nisha continued leading classical Hatha Yoga classes with therapeutic assistance and subsequently decided to train such teachers who felt the passion towards this beautiful system of healing. Since then she has taught many Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India, and has also shared her knowledge of yoga in Corporate world. She keeps showering the bliss of divinity of world through small workshops on divine topics like Angel Therapy, Sub Conscious Mind training, Chakra Healing and Balancing, Pendulum Therapy, Psychic Healing, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kids Yoga, Parenting , The Power of mantras etc.

In addition to a yogic lifestyle, Dr Nisha is currently practicing naturopathy, Yoga Therapy. She is a well known Nutritionist who practices and preaches the yogic life style and alternative therapies and enjoys an occasional solo hike in the frequency world. She’s also never adverse to a mindful mouthful of chocolate!