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Yoga Instructor - Arti Purohit

My journey with the NITYAM YOGA INSTITUTE began more than a year and a half ago. I always believed that YOGA was just, another form of exercise. As I started practicing it on a daily basis, everyone associated with me saw a remarkable change in my behavior. I had become much calmer and subtle. There was a peaceful glow on my face. YOGA made me physically and mentally stronger and healthier. When I saw the wonderful person I was getting transformed into, I decided to help people with this form of lifestyle. That is when I decided to be a YOGA teacher and focus on making people realize that YOGA isn’t just a form of physical exercise but a lifestyle that makes a person live a powerful life. YOGA makes one find their true being and helps them create a lifestyle they would always love, now and forever.

YOGA through NITYAM YOGA INSTITUTE has given me a platform to elevate myself to a perfect
individual, getting me closer to the original me mentally,physically, spiritually and emotionally and has definitely altered my being.