Our Daily Course

Daily Course

Nityam Yoga package includes variations of different forms of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Detox, Breathing Detox, Pranayamas, Bandhas and Nadis, Dynamic and Transcendental meditation and many more Healing techniques with a Supreme consultation of Diet and Nature Cure treatments for any ailments side by side.
Here are few packages you can look forward to :

  • Daily yoga sessions

    Daily yoga sessions including the hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Detox, Breathing Detox, Pranayamas, Bandhas and Nadis, Dynamic and Transcendental meditation.

    Days: Mon-wed-fri or Monday to Friday


    3 days a week
    1 Month 4,500/-
    3 Month 12,500/-
    6 Month 20,000/-
    1 Year 35,000/-
    5 days a week
    1 Month 6,000/-
    3 Month 15,500/-
    6 Month 30,000/-
    1 Year 45,000/-
  • Special batch of weight loss / gain:

    Functional training with intense yogic practice of asanas and pranayamas, with muscle stimulation resulting into assured inchloss, weight loss,fat loss, body shaping, figure correction, tightening/firming/toning of muscles. You are advised to come on daily sessions or alternate sessions with 1 hour of walking to be practiced on your own.
    Session duration: 1 to 1.5 hours daily or alternatively.

    5 days a week
    20 sessions ( Up to 3-5 kg wtloss 12500/-
    35 sessions ( up to 5 to 7 kg wtloss ) 17500/-
    45 sessions ( up to 10kg wtloss ) 25000/-
  • Yoga for pre/ post natal care and therapeutic issues:

    Daily routine with Yogasanas, Pranayams, Meditations, Mantra chanting, Deep relaxation techniques, Affirmations to enjoy your best phase with optimum effort and reduce the high risk pregnancy or any such complications. The package is divided into 2 aspects of theory as well as practical heping the new to be mothers to be mentally prepared of handling the little or more issues related to lactation and post natal health.

    5 days a week
    1 Month 6000/-
    3 Month 15500/-
    6 Month 27500/-
  • Therapeutic Yoga:

    Specially designed for people having any hormonal imbalance / cardiac disorder / respiratory disorder / vertebral or back disorder, Insomnia, stress, autoimmune diseases, allergies, anxiety or any such physical or emotional distress. The package includes the daily practice of Yogasana, Pranayamas, Bandhas, Nadis, Counselling and life style correction if needed.

    5 days a week
    1 Month 6000/-
    3 Month 15500/-
    6 Month 30000/-
    1 Year 45000/-
  • Personalised Yoga Sessions:

    1 hourly sessions planned with personalised body intensities and area of action.

    Fees per session: 1500/- 1 hour

  • Diet or Fitness consultations:

    A supreme package of personally designed routine as per your personal needs with physical, mental, emotional aspects taking care of required goals at home through natural herbs from your own kitchen. You are required to visit on regular internals as advised in the consultation.

    Fees: 1500/- per session, 1000/- follow ups.

  • Psychic healing , Aura reading and conselling:

    Get solution for any questions in your personal life bothering you physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally with assured results by our highly qualified healer and psychic guides.

    Fees: 2000/- per session

    Days: On appointment

  • Neurotherapy, Accupressure, Magnet therapy, colour therapy, Mud therapy:

    Initial consultation with Doctor is compulsory

    Duration: 1 to 2.5 hours per session.

    Fees: depends on case to case.

  • Skin and Hair treatments through Nature cure:

    Hair and skin problems like acne, white n black heads, eczema, pigmentation, skin whitening, anti tanning, polishing, alopecia, hairfall, dandruff etc.

    Fees: 2500/- per session